About Us

PoopieBabies are cute, baby characters that have universal appeal. They represent different races, both boys and girls – and like all people, a lot of different moods.
The PoopieBabies brand includes three games (apps) currently on the AppStore: PoopieBabies®, Phrenzy™ and Venge™. PoopieBabies the game, has a selection menu of 12 languages, along with English. (Spanish, French, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.) We are very proud of our brand and it’s international appeal.
We are very happy to offer apparel and other items that feature our little “poopies” on our stores. The designs consist of the characters, along with a clever meme. We have developed over 1,000 (and counting!) unique designs. To date, there are over 2,000 items that will be on sale. We hope we make you and others who see your poopie stuff, see the humor and laugh!
The PoopieBabies at PBTeez.
Visit us: www.poopiebabies.com
Contact us: support@pbteez.com / support@poopiebabies.com

We're on whatsapp too! – Call us/message us @ +1 347-270-8786